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Virginia Transgender Resource and Referral List

Compiled by the Virginia Department of Health, this list supplies information on trans* friendly healthcare providers, therapists and counselors, and support services. Updated in late 2012, check it out if you need help finding providers in your area.


LGBTQ* Allies and Ellen Clips You May Have Missed

Personal Note: Yes, the vandalizing  occurred in Virginia. The unified assistance and support of local businesses also came from Virginia. 

Don’t be silenced because your community acts out violently. Create and live in the world you want. Thank you, Richard. Thank you, Roanoke. Thank you to all the businesses that stepped in. Thank you for all the allies that stepped up. Thank you to the community that speaks out for their fellow “family.” Thank you, Ellen. Thank you, CoverGirl.

I wish everyone a Happy Roanoke Pride this weekend!

(And Roanoke, I am so happy to be a resident of your city.)


Watch the celebrity studded live commercial from Ellen, Patrick Dempsy, the Olympic gymnastic gold medalists, and Pink HERE.

Sometimes my hometown is awesome.

Exploring Gender: Name Change

"On Wednesday, I went down to the courthouse to change my name. After all my research and apprehension, it was a very quick process. So I have written a lot about how to get your name changed. In Virginia, it is not a very hard process, most of the time not even requiring a hearing, just a signed order from a judge. Other states are more tricky. Here is a list of the laws and requirements by state.”