"I'm trying to find the truth
in words, in rhymes, in notes,
in all the things I wish I wrote."
Lover of grammar, poetry, literature, hiking, camping, horses, and Latin


Chris Pureka—“Unwelcome”

now she has a smile for every thunderstorm
she has a smile for every thunderstorm

yeah there are some days
when you peer off the brisbane bridge
and think sweet thoughts about the river

(Source: Spotify)

Arcade Fire—“Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

These days my life, I feel it has no purpose
But late at night the feelings swim to the surface

I need the darkness, someone please cut the lights

Frightened Rabbit—“The Modern Leper” (acoustic)

You see, I’ve got this disease I can’t shake and I’m just rattling through life
Well this is how we do things now, yeah this is how the modern stay scared
So I cut out all the good stuff, yeah I cut off my foot to spite my leg