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in words, in rhymes, in notes,
in all the things I wish I wrote."
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Exploring Gender: Pronouns and Work Interactions

"It is always interesting starting a new job, getting to learn new things, meeting new people. But whenever you start a new job as a trans* person, there is often a certain bit of anxiety associated with it. It is hard to learn how to navigate new environments, so there are certain questions you should consider. Are you generally read as the gender you identify? How do you want to handle situations in which you are misgendered? Do you want to be stealth and how do you handle that?

"Mostly when I am out and about, I am read as male, so coming into my new job, I wasn’t really thinking about how to handle being misgendered. I am generally very open. I answer questions. I talk to people about LGBTQ* issues. But for some reason, in a work situation, it is hard for me to begin that conversation about pronouns, about my name, and I am still trying to figure it out. But it is something I have to do, a conversation I need to learn how to have."

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