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in words, in rhymes, in notes,
in all the things I wish I wrote."
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Exploring Gender: Poetry--Kavindu "Kavi" Ade Performing "IT"

"Poetry can say so much we can’t quite get out, we can’t quite get on the page in any other way. Words are so powerful, and it is hard to find ways often to describe feelings. Sometimes we don’t have the vocabulary or the eloquence to relate exactly our emotions. All experiences within the trans* community differ, but some things are universal. I have found several trans* poets and poems which capture so much the feelings surrounding the experience of being a trans* individual and how we interact with the world.

"Kavindu “Kavi” Ade, a poet originally from Brooklyn, NY, who came onto the Philadelphia slam scene back in 2009, competing with the Philadelphia Youth Poetry team. He competed with the team at Brave New Voices and the International Youth Poetry Slam Competition in Chicago. You can read more about Kavi here.”

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