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Exploring Gender: Another Perspective on Dating

"At the end of last month, I was in a coffee shop with my girlfriend, Brittany, working on my schedule of articles for this month, trying to come up with ideas which would still be relevant within the next few weeks, and then I remembered an idea from a couple of weeks before. I turned to her and asked, “Will you write a guest post, talking about what it’s like for you?” Which seems like a very vague question, but we have a constant dialogue about gender and are constantly asking each other questions, I about her experience in dating a transman and she about all facets of my knowledge of gender. I have always been interested in knowing what it is like from the other side of a relationship, following several trans* partners’ blogs on tumblr, such as SOFFA Support and Partners of FTM People (if you know of any others, please pass them my way), to try to understand how I need to support my partner in whatever relationship I’m in. I have written before about gender and dating, my thoughts and experiences, but I wanted to be able to share with you a different perspective.”

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